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now presenting wusa 9 news brought to in hd by verizon fios. a network ahead. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." we start with breaking news tonight where a tour bus that left from dc has crashed. two people died, another 35
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injure. state police say the crash happened around 4:15:00 p.m. this afternoon on interstate 390. about 55 miles southeast of rochester. preliminary reports indicate that a tire may have blown out causing the bus driver to lose control. and we are making calls tonight. we will bring you the latest details as they become available. the phone hacking scanneddal in britain has reached u.s. shores and sparked an investigation by the fbi but the bombshells continue to fall that side of the atlantic tonight where the head of the famed scotland yard has been forced to resign. >> reporter: british police want rebecca brooks to tell them what she knows about the phone hacking scandal surrounding the murdock empire. the former chief executive of news international was arrested when she went to the police station for a planned appointment scheduled to appear before parliament on tuesday. some questioned the timing of the arrest. >> i really do feel that it
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will inhibits the hearing. >> reporter: another unexpected twist came hours after her arrest. the london chief of police resigned over questions on how the department has investigated the case and his links to a key figure in the scandal. a former news of the world executive editor. >> i and the people who know me know that my integrity is completely in tact. >> reporter: the scandal surrounding murdock's media empire includes police bribes and hacking voice mails of celebrities, politicians and murder victims. here in the united states the fbi has opened an inquiry on weather journalists working for murdock tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. >> there are questions about whether the foreign corrupt actions act has been violated by rupert murdoch and his news empire and what's going on in england is startling to think the extent that they went to to break the law to try to report a story. >> reporter: a direct apology from rupert murdoch ran throughout the weekend. the full page headline read "we
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are sorry." cbs news, new york. >> rupert murdoch and his son james are scheduled to appear before parliament on tuesday along with brooks. the entire nation of japan is celebrating tonight after their women's soccer team beat the u.s. in the world cup finals. it was an incredible game with the american women. twice looking like they had the contest won. kristin berset is here with all the heart-stopping details. >> bruce, yes, the u.s. women had the lead with just 6 minutes left. all they needed to do was hold japan and they would get their first world championship in 12 years. but some sloppy play by the americans and a japanese team that just never gave up. gave a grieving country something to celebrate. the lady's getting a look at the trophy before the match. this game would take extra time with the u.s. up one. japan on a corner kick ties the game at two. here a penalty kick.
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u.s. struggling. late execution. gets denied. look at japan. their pumped. the japanese needing one kick to clench the world cup. a player buries it and there you have it. japan is your 2011 world cup champions. >> it is obviously heartbreaking. japan played well. they never gave up. it is unfortunate we couldn't pull it off. >> the japanese had never beaten the americans up until this point but the goalie said it is bitter sweet. she said if they were to lose to anyone that would deserve it more it would be japan. bruce? >> i think we agree with that. kristin, thanks a lot. the u.s. women's team captured the hearts of the country. all across the area fans gathered to watch it. we caught up with some fans in northwest washington.
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>> they were brilliant and came through at the end. >> a lot of people here and their kids are here. it is great. >> new york's empire state building was covered in red, white and blue this weekend and tomorrow some of those colors will appear again. this time in japan's colors of red and white. the first family got caught up in the frenzy over the women's world cup. here is the picture of them watching the game at the white house this afternoon. president obama sent the u.s.a. women's soccer team a good luck tweet before the world cup final match. it said "sorry i can't be there to see you play but i'll be cheering you on here. let's go." new york's times square was shut down so fans could watch the entire match up from the square. even though the team lost, spectators are still so proud of how the women got into the
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tournament. the u.s. would be the only country with three world cup titles if they had beaten japan. casey anthony has been a free woman for almost 24 hours but tonight she remains in seclusion for her own security according to some. just after midnight this morning the 25-year-old woman walked out of a florida jail after serving nearly three years for lying to investigators about her daughter's disappearance. karen brown is in orlando, florida, tonight with an update. >> reporter: casey anthony confidently walked out of jail early sunday and has yet to be seen. >> caylee, caylee. >> reporter: but that didn't stop hundreds still seeking justice for her daughter caylee. >> we love you, caylee. >> reporter: they marched to the anthony's home from the site where the toddler's remains were found in 2008. >> i have two children and it just breaks my heart. >> reporter: the florida mother spent nearly three years behind bars. anthony reenters a world where many are still angry. a jury acquitted her of murder in 2-year-old caylee's death. >> she needs to pay for what she has done to this baby.
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a 2-year-old baby. >> reporter: casey anthony had $537 in her pocket when she left this jail. money sent by admirers. now, not even her parents know where she is. all her attorney would tell them in a text was that she was safe. security experts believe she is a genuine target. >> she going to need some immediate protection and immediate security and that's going to involve hiding her out, getting her into a place where the public can't reach her. >> reporter: security is expensive but with interview offers ranging up to $1 million anthony may be able to afford her new life. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. >> her attorney says he hopes caylee will get counselling to help her move on with her life. you might recall on friday police say 24-year-old james
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brewer switched his arm band identification with another inmate who was set to be released. that allowed brewer to simply walk out a free man. after a regional manhunt brewer turned himself in. he not only faces charges in the shooting death of a 71-year- old man, he now also faces charges for eluding police. montgomery county police need your help tonight to catch whoever is vandalizing local schools. yesterday guards at north bethesda middle school found sexual drawings and slur words on the building. windows had also be broken. this comes after a similar incident at hoover middle school in potomac last wednesday. a man arrested for abducting a child from best buy wants to share his side of the story. what a story it is. we already knew from police that 23-year-old germaine palmer claimed he was on pcp when he grabbed a 2-year-old boy at best buy in germantown. well, tonight only 9, our britany morehouse talks to palmer's girlfriend who explains how it all went down according to the suspect.
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>> he wanted me to apologize. >> reporter: a message from a man in jail from the mother of his child. she wishes to remain anonymous but the girlfriend of germaine palmer tells us she was at best buy with palmer and their toddler the day he was arrested saying he was high on p.c.p. >> i was the one who told him to leave. it started with us. when i took the child he kind of was like -- he was seeing demon demons. >> when he hit the ground he blackedded out. if you see in the video, he hit the ground. seemed like he just was dead for a second, right. he hopped back up. you see him go in a circle like he is confused then grabs up this child because he thinks it is his. >> reporter: evidence of the following struggle. when witnesses say they had to tackle palmer. >> when he was outside he was just standing in the parking lot. no one chased him down. >> now the 23-year-old is behind bars charged with
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abduction of a child first- degree assault and six other counts. >> there are lots of kids doing this drug three, four times a day and eventually something is going to happen and they don't understand that and he wants them to understand that. he felt like he was in control. he is really ashamed of what's happening. >> reporter: he says he is not making excuses he just wants to apologize. >> reporter: britany morehouse, 9news now. >> he needs rehab. >> tonight he being held on $25,000 bond. the 2-year-old boy was not injured. tonight we know the identity of a man killed in a glider crash in st. mary's county this weekend. maryland state police say 55- year-old james dayton of mechanicsville, maryland, was killed when a glider in which he was a passenger crashed into trees in hollywood, maryland. the pilot from prince frederick, maryland, remains hospitalized tonight. he is in critical condition. a commuter alert for anybody who uses the beltway in silver spring.
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be prepared for a bumpy ride and possible delays this week. workers are repaving a four- mile stretch of the beltway between colesville road and seminary road on the inner and outer loops. that project won't be completed until sometime around thanksgiving. still ahead on 9news now this sunday night. although we all know the financial impact would be disastrous for the country lawmakers no closer tonight to passing a deficit reduction plan. we will have the latest. hollywood special effects or just really good planning that helped los angeles avoid a traffic nightmare. steamy on the weather terrace. this is how it will be tomorrow morning as you step down. i'm tracking some heat on the way that will pull us back into those upper 80s, 90-degree heat. i'll have all the details in your seven-day forecast.
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mission accomplished. we couldn't have done it without the cooperation of the people of this city. >> things will be back to normal for tomorrow morning's commute in l.a.
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this after a 10-mile stretch of i-405 was shutdown for the weekend. work crews demolished a portion of a bridge. the project was dubbed carmageddon after the nearly half million drivers who used the roads were warned they would not be able to get around. turn out those fears were unfounded. the road actually reopened hours ahead of schedule. no shortage of ideas. a debt limit goal still remaining elusive tonight. still a deficit debt reduction plan wanted by president obama. we go to capitol hill tonight where lawmakers will be feeling the heat again come tomorrow morning. >> reporter: absolutely. today a lot of lawmakers were on the sunday talk shows and democrats were talking, republicans were talking, white house was talking but they all seem to be speaking past each other. >> reporter: in the dc area people were going about their business on sunday, whether it was watching the u.s./japan soccer match or shopping for
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groceries. but with 16 days to go until the u.s. government defaults people are beginning to feel the heat. >> the fear an uncertainty of what will happen affects all of us plus we have one time in history we could actually tackle a problem and if the political parties can't do it now, when can they do it? >> there are things that both sides are talking about doing that are very dramatic. i think there is still time to get something big done. >> reporter: the white house budget director says president obama still wants to go big by raising the debt ceiling, cutting deficits by more than $4 trillion over the next ten years and increasing taxes on the wealthy. republicans want a constitutional amendment requiring a balancedded budget. >> the cut, cap and balance plan the house will vote on next week is a solid plan for moving forward. >> reporter: senate democrats say that plan will be dead on arrival. >> we don't need an amendment. we basically need to accept the
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responsibility to do this job and to lead. >> reporter: there are other ideas being floated around in washington but at this point no one knows if a deal will be possible by august 2nd or what it will look like. and that's got regular folks making their own plan. >> i think that it is a good wakeup call for people because we have taken the economy for granted for so long. i think more people will be conscientious in terms of running their households and running their businesses. >> reporter: that's probably some good advice. now, if only the people behind us could also run the business and get things squared away. we will just have to see if that happens next week or be on the deadline. bruce, back to you. >> thanks a lot. we have got conflicting reports tonight out of egypt regarding the health of the ousted president. he is currently in a hospital on the red sea coast and may have slipped into a coma. the doctor denies the report. he is set to stand trial in two weeks for the killings of
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protestors back in february. unrelenting heat wave is gripping the country. from texas to michigan, 17 states now under heat advisories or warnings. the heat coupled with drought conditions has prompted burn bans and concerns over crops. three quarters of texas is in the grips of an exceptional drought. the same goes for 40% of oklahoma. >> it is a tough year. i mean for all crops involved. ultimately there will be probably some producers that don't survive for another year. >> a half dozen cities not only broke records for a single day but also -- also set all time highs since records have been kept. >> tracking our way. modifying a tiny bit but it will feel fairly intense. in fact, seven-day forecast can see a few triple digits even squeaking through in our
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region. >> tonight we are starting to see the effects of the first wave of some of that muggy air moving in. we had easy most of the weekend but it is steamy this evening and that will be the case tomorrow morning as well. we are looking at a wakeup weather forecast that's definitely going to see temperatures moving into the 80s by early morning i would say about the 10 p.m. hour then straight into those 90s. on the satellite and radar for the national picture here we are looking at that high pressure system right in the center of the nation. that's what's keeping this intense heat at least further away from us right now. as it starts to slide off towards the east it will definitely move into our direction. i am still tracking the tropical storm brett. it is spinning off the coast of florida. just moving about southeast maybe 2 miles per hour. this is a tropical storm bringing torrential rains to that area. we have been quiet. only lasting until tomorrow evening. in the overnight i'm tracking rain chances coming our way
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just before the heat wave. temperatures at the current hour slipping into the 70s across most of the region with the exception of reagan national at 80 degrees and dew points are healthy. we are starting to see some juicy air out there and some moisture definitely adding to the muggy feeling. humidity will continue to creep up over the next several days. the heat will take hold and lock onto us into next week and that means our air quality is starting to suffer. tomorrow a cold orange day and could see some heat alerts and could see heat advisories later this week. here is how it breaks down. mainly clear skies for tonight as we head into tomorrow though we build in some cloud cover second half of the day an by late afternoon and evening overcast skies and even some rain opportunities. morning commute on tuesday will be wet and definitely seeing some of that moisture moving into tuesday afternoon. but overnight tonight looks just fine. a little bit on the muggy side but not so bad so as temperatures get down into the 60s for most of us.
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near 70 degrees and tomorrow looking nice to start. plenty of sunshine as you step out the door in the morning but for those sensitive groups though it will be a little bit unhealthy into the afternoon. highs tomorrow making it up into the 90s. mid-90s. seven-day forecast that sees that large charge. thursday, friday, saturday, we will be very close to 100 degrees. >> check the air-conditioning now if you can because come thursday if it goes out. >> exactly. don't want to call that repairman last-minute. >> the price will be jacked up as well. >> coming up on 9news now. advice to help ease that nasty sun burn. harry potter taking the weekend box office by storm. more on that when we are back in a moment.
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looks like everybody is wild about harry potter. the harry potter not only topped the weekend box office but the final installment of the series set a record for the highest grossing premier of all time pulling in a whopping
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168.8 million in the u.s. alone. topping the weekend opening box office record of 158 million set by the 2008 batman movie "the dark knight." if you spend too much time in the sun you can get sun burned. it can happen anywhere on your body. it takes about 24 hours for the sun burn to hit the surface. you have 12 to 16 hours to stop the burn's painful effects. >> water an ice cubes. add a little whole milk or skim milk. make it smooth. wash cloth or towel in there. aloe and moisturizer will help but they won't help the inflammation very much. >> the doctor says you need to see your own doctor if your sun burn is severe and you develop a headache, chills or fever. you should also wear sun screen with an s.p.f. of 30 or higher and reapply the sun screen every two hours.
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a florida woman in need of a new kidney. she is turning to craigslist to find one. the 28-year-old woman is already on a waiting list for a kidney. when family members proved to be incompatible she posted an ad on craigslist. >> i turned to craigslist. didn't know what else to do. i'm going to keep trying until the day i get that kidney. >> a north carolina man found a new kidney by posting on facebook. eventually his posting made its way to amy cunningham. turns out she was a perfect match. get this, the operation took place nine days ago and tonight both the donor and the recipient are said to be doing fine. space shuttle atlantis saying their final good-byes to the crew at the international space station. tomorrow morning the four astronauts will leave the space station. on tuesday they will close the hatch and undock from the space
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station wrapping up the last shuttle mission. coming up, kristin berset joins us with a quick look ahead at sports plus.
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sports plus just a few minutes away. kristin berset has a preview. >> incredible soccer match. i was watching the first half and i missed the first goal getting into the car. i missed most of the u.s. goals. this is a team that was number 1 in the world. they were the last to qualify to even play in the world cup and after a couple easy match ups early on they found themselves on the brink of elimination a few times only to
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claw their way back. but today, sloppy play and missed opportunities finally got to them. u.s. women haven't won a world cup in 12 years and this team seemed to be their best opportunity. they took 16 shots before finally knocking a goal but they couldn't hold off the japanese. they tied things up twice before dominating in penalty kicks. it was a tough loss for the americans. >> evidently it wasn't meant to be. we worked so hard. we believed in each other through everything. and olympics are around the corner. we are excited about that opportunity. >> northern ireland continues its golfing rain. a golfer from northern ireland won a major championship again but this time it may be a name that you might not recognize. darren clark. where did he come from? find out how the irishman plans on celebrating. the nats wrapping things up looking for their first
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serious. like the americans the nats just couldn't hold on. we have got the best and worst in sports from amazing fan catches at the ballpark to mishaps on the track. but considering it is a slip and slide. you can't forget one key ingredient. the water. find out what happens when the girls' parents forget to put water on the slip and slide. you can only imagine what's going to happen. >> sounds painful. >> we will be using some of those for a couple of days. >> starting tomorrow we get back into these 90s then we head for the hundreds. >> thanks a lot. next 9news now at 4:25 a.m. sports plus is next. have a great weekend, everybody. bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ♪
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